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A Heart’s Cry is a non-profit pregnancy resource and counselling centre. With the help of our trained volunteers, staff, and the various programs, we have the opportunity to redirect young women in such a positive way that they will, in turn, impact the world. In 2016 we provided assistance and counselling to over 991 women, children, and families.

The mission of A Heart’s Cry is to give every woman, regardless of age, race, religion or ethnic background, the opportunity and skills to move forward making a life change. Bettering not only their life but the lives of their children through biblical counsel, material needs and other necessary resources. We do this in a Christ-centered and loving environment.


Cooking Our Own Kind of Sunshine (C.O.O.K.S)

This is the mother’s opportunity to learn different skills. Cooking is a big part of their ability to save what little money they receive. Our cooking classes teach everything from basic cleanliness in the kitchen …to how to use herbs and spices in cooking….to crock pot meals. Once the course is complete they each receive a gift complimentary of the course.

Being A Better You (B.A.B.Y)

This program offers each young mother support in the form of baby clothes, diapers, wipes, formula, (and other material needs), small furniture, educational materials, books and programs, all in a confidential one-on-one setting with trained counsellors. To earn these items they must maintain at least a monthly counselling appointment schedule.


Peer Counseling

We have trained counsellors who will not only lend an understanding ear but offer constructive solutions as well as written materials during the days or weeks of counselling with each individual coming through our doors. Our goal in counselling is to provide them with every opportunity to re-direct and break the cycle of bad habits and bad choices and allow the Lord to point them to a better life in Christ.

Volunteers and Transporters

Numbers of our moms have not finished their high school education. As a result they have either no driver’s’ license or vehicle to get them around to doctors’ appointments, grocery store and other needed trips. In fact the “Catch 22” is that because of no diploma or GED, there is no job, thus no money and no transportation. We are limited in our ability to leave the office in order to meet this need, so we are looking for reliable volunteers to help meet this need for our moms. We assist with numerous other services in addition to counseling and are always in need of volunteers for sorting, washing, and purging clothes and donations on a daily basis as well as other projects.

We offer many others services. Our goal remains to be good stewards of what has been given to this ministry. We appreciate your interest and would love to add your name and address to our mailing list (It will not be given out).


With a thankful heart,

Sherry Morris, Exec. Dir.