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The lie…”Sex, everybody’s doing it”!

#1 – Life is good when you’re with friends. Yeah, so you and your friends do a little drinking, some drugs, O.K. There’s sometimes when things go a little too far with the flirting and sex thing…It’s all in fun. You’re not hurting anyone. But when you’re in your car or home, alone and your mind begins to replay the events and what you did; pregnancy, STD’s and the other stuff don’t seem like harmless fun anymore. You know it’s just a matter of time…before you get caught!! Nobody wants to be left out. Everybody wants to be a part of something. Isolation is your worst enemy!

#2 – Most often, sex can be confused with love.  If you think it’s love because you can’t stay away from each other; think again! Love can be confused with lust. The human sexual drive can be a very strong thing that you don’t understand much less know yet how to control.  It’s like getting in a car for the first few times and not knowing how everything works, to drive it. It can be deadly! Love says, “I’ll do whatever I can to protect and make you a better person.”  Lust says, “I’ll do whatever it takes to get what I want.”  It’s as if your brain stops working and your body takes over…and you don’t care! Usually, this ends up with at least one broken heart! Does my current  relationship cause me to think less of myself? Does it cause me to hide things from my parents or lie about where I am when we’re out?  Do I make excuses to be alone?

#3 – Think, think, think  how will this relationship affect my future dreams and goals.  Can I finish school; continue making the team, get that college degree I’ve dreamed and worked for; buy that car for which I’ve been saving?  Or, will I be spending my future parenting a child I hadn’t planned for as a single parent; working two jobs at minimum wage, just to get by.

While college is still an option, it’s no longer just about you.  With children come responsibilities…lots and lots of them!

If you think this is about older adults dictating what you can and can’t do, talk to some of your friends who have “been there, done that” and now have a child (or two) to raise and see if they’d do it over the exact same way! Ask them what their dreams WERE!

#4 – Guys are drawn by what they see. Girls are drawn by touch.  When both of these senses are put into action, with no control some of the end results are broken hearts, ruined reputations, sexually transmitted diseases, abortion or pregnancy…to name but a few.  Not everybody is “doing it.” So, you need to make choices that do not end up costing you your reputation or someone else theirs.  It’s like school and work; it’s hard but worth it. It’s really going to take a lot of effort and someone you trust to be accountable to for your actions; but, that’s a sign of maturity and right thinking. And all of this leads to…




So, STOP saying I’m not worth it, STOP saying I’ve already messed up. Not everybody is “doing it”. YOU GET A DO OVER!

#5 – We are here just for you!  That’s right!  A Heart’s Cry is a local counselling and pregnancy resource center dedicated to teaching and showing you what it takes to succeed.  Whether you are a teen who has dropped out of school, already have a child, no job, no insurance, a single parent or just a bad home life…we are committed…to YOU!

How can we say this?  We were once young and where you are right now, and some of us are the “been there, done that” crowd.   We want to show you a better way; you…and your friends. Or you can keep believing the lie!

Call us…we’ll be waiting for you.