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We are excited about what we feel is God’s next step for the lives of these needy moms raising children in a single-parent environment; a place apart—A Farm. Yes, as the Lord works and moves us forward, we will be sharing God’s vision placed in us to provide a home and safe environment for a select number of our clients who will live on the farm and be a part of what we see as a “two-year program”.

The goal is to get them out of the lifestyle they currently are in. Give them a real, loving home for a while to teach and nurture parenting skills, work ethics, financial skills, other useful tools and especially spiritual growth. As they migrate back into society it will be to get ahead and not have to live an impoverished lifestyle. This will also better equip the next generation that will be raised here.

The first phase will be the farm house where these families will begin their healing journey. There will be house parents to oversee the main farm house and direct the affairs of each day’s work schedule. There will eventually be a day care facility for our mothers as well as the community. With the last phase being to open a restaurant on the grounds. This will serve to give these moms a place to earn an income while developing good work skills. It will also serve that community with another eating establishment. (Financial sustainability is our goal for the ministry through both the daycare and restaurant). This will be a working farm with a produce garden, greenhouse and orchards. There may well even be chickens where the children will learn about life on a farm, gathering eggs, veggies or what have you. Trees to climb, swings to soar high, farm animals…well, I hope you see our vision of “The Farm”.

Our five-year plan will eventually produce small individual housing on the grounds as a means of a second step out on their own; from the main house to their own place to rent.
Why a farm? If your church has a van ministry where you bring children in every Sunday for a few hours and love and nurture them; you’ll have to agree. The unfortunate part is that you have to take them back home to the often “bad” environment they’ll live in the other six days and 20 plus hours. Our moms are in that same situation. They come here for help…and we give godly instruction only to watch them go back to the lifestyle that is the very detriment to and the reason for their bad situation. This place apart will honour God and change many lives for Him…forever.

There is no such facility of this magnitude in this county nor any of the surrounding counties! We envision the day when we will have so many women and children in the Farm Program that there will not only be a waiting list for this county but surrounding counties. Maybe even the eventual need for additional farms. The farm will not be just another agency in the county to rotate through for services. This is NOT just another band-aid surgery, this is “THE FIX” for those who truly desire to make a better life for themselves and their children.
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